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Ten Psalms in Reports for four and five voices
edited by Kenneth Elliott
These ten imitative settings of psalm tunes in the European tradition by Blackhall, Buchan and others represent a musical form that is, after the tunes themselves, one of the best things musically to come out of the Scottish Reformed Church. They comprise new editions and material never published before.

1 [John Black?]: Psalm 3 in reports (SATB)
2 [Andrew Kemp?]: Psalm 6 in reports (S(orA)TTB)
3 [Andrew Melvill?]: Psalm 12 in reports (‘Bon Accord’) (SATB)
4 [Andrew Blackhall?]: Psalm 18 in reports (SATBarB)
5 [Andrew Melvill?]: Psalm 21 in reports (‘Montrosse’) (SATB)
6 [John Angus?]: Psalm 67 in reports (ATTB)
7 [Edward Millar?]: Psalm 116 in reports (SATB)
8 [Edward Millar?]: Psalm 120 in reports (SATB)
9 John Buchan: Psalm 128 in reports (SATB)
10 Andrew Blackhall: Psalm 137 in reports (ATBarB)

ISBN 0 9528212 5 7. A4 paperback: xvi, 26pp, illus. Price: £10