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Twelve Franco-Scottish Partsongs
(in preparation)
edited by Kenneth Elliott
These twelve partsongs demonstrate some links between poems by Ronsard, Marot and de Baïf in translations or matched with verses by Scots poets Alexander Montgomerie, Alexander Scott and others in musical settings by Janequin, Sermisy, Lassus and their Scottish contemporaries.

1 Janequin: Heureuse fut (Ronsard)
2 Janequin: O happy star (Montgomerie)
3 Sermisy: D’où vient cela (Marot)
4 Sermisy: For love of one (anon. Scots)
5 Lassus: Ung doulx nenny (Marot)
6 Lassus: A bony “No” (Montgomerie)
7a Sermisy: Secourez-moi (Marot)
7b Anon. Scots: Secourez-moi (Marot)
8 Anon. Scots: Support your servand (Steill)
9 La Grotte: Or voy-je bien (de Baïf)
10 Anon. Scots: Lyk as the dum solsequium (Montgomerie)
11 Sermisy: Maudite soi (Marot)
12 Sermisy: Only to yow (Scott)

ISBN 0 9528212 6 5. A4 paperback