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Eight Early Scottish Carols
edited by Kenneth Elliott
Eight carols, mostly of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries - some hitherto unpublished - now collected together in new editions for the first time. They range from a thirteenth-century conductus from the St Andrews Music Book to new Scots words for a seventeenth-century English ballad tune and a reworking of a fifteenth-century carol text to new Scots partsong music of about 1600.

1 Anon.: Hac in anni janua (TTT)
2 Robert Johnson: Gaude Maria virgo (ATTB)
3 [John Black?]: All sons of Adam (ATB)
4 [Andrew Blackhall?]: Now lat us sing (SATB)
5 Anon.: When Father Adam (SATB)
6 Anon.: Ecce novum gaudium (SATB)
7a Anon.: Balulalow (SATB)
7b Anon.: Balulalow (SAA)
8 Anon.: Come, my Childrene dere (SATB)

ISBN 0 9528212 4 9. A4 paperback: viii, 43pp, illus. Price: £10