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II: Sixteenth-century Scots songs for voice & lute
edited and arranged by Kenneth Elliott
This is the first in a series that attempts to put ‘Scots songs’ in a true historical context. Our early songs, too long identified with weak nineteenth- and early twentieth-century arrangements of traditional tunes, are here placed firmly in their proper tradition. This first volume contains partsongs arranged according to contemporary practice (eg Attaingnant, Le Roy, Dowland) for solo voice and lute (or keyboard) accompaniment. They comprise 23 arrangements of published partsongs (from eg ‘Music of Scotland, 1500-1700’ (Musica Britannica XV), edited by Kenneth Elliott, song-texts edited by Helena Mennie Shire( but also six ‘new’ songs. All are arranged—many with divisions—for lute, with tablature and keyboard transcription. Original four-part versions of the new songs are also included, as well as twenty-four fragments of others.

Absent I am
Adeu, O desie of delyt
Alas that same sueit face
Before the Greeks durst enterpryse
Departe, departe
Evin dead, behold I breathe
How shall a young man
How suld my febill body fure?
In a garden so green
In throu the windoes
Into a mirthfull May morning
Lyk as the dum Solsequium
Melancholie, great deput of despair
My bailful briest
My inward heart doth only knaw
Nou let us sing
No wonder is suppose
O Lord my God, to thee I cry
O lusty May
Remember me, my deir
Remember rightly, when ye reid
Richt soir opprest
Sleepe not in sin / O Lord, consider
So prayiss me
The mighty God (Psalm 50)
The time of youth
What mightie motion
Who shall my malady amend?
Woe worth the time

ISBN 0 9528212 1 4. A4 paperback: xiv, 143pp, illus. Price: £25

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Ten selected songs, Price: £7
Nine settings of lyrics by Alexander Montgomerie (in preparation)